O Come All Ye Old Holiday Decorations and Tech Toys!

With the holidays around the corner, neighborhoods around America are filled with homes and yards decked out with decorations and presents under the tree. Many of which are electronic, such as icicle lights and new tech toys. It’s inevitable for Christmas lights and old gadgets to stop working but it’s best to refrain from dumping them in the trash. Americans throw away 9.4 million tons of electronics every year. In keeping with the holiday spirit, residents who want to be environmentally-friendly during this time can bring their items to a responsible electronics recycler.

Christmas Lights

If you have broken Christmas lights, they can’t be recycled like plastic bottles or cans because they are made up of several different components, including glass, plastic and metal. Many recycling centers have special Christmas light collection sites where you can drop off duds to be recycled. For example, Monroe County in NY has a place called Ecopark where residents can recycle items that aren’t accepted curbside.

Inflatable Yard Decorations

If your inflatables pop or tear, separate the fabric from the electronic base. You can seek out electronic recycling facilities through a directory such as sustainableelectronics.org/recyclers. This directory lists responsible recyclers which is important to keep in mind when choosing where to go. Not all e-recyclers are created equal. Residents beware! Only those who are certified in recycling electronics responsibly should be given your old gear. That way you know your tech WON’T end up in landfills or other countries where hazardous toxins are exposed to residents, workers, and the environment

Battery Powered Decorations

From dancing Santas and nutcrackers to singing reindeer, there are lots of decos that have batteries in them. Earth911.com has a recycling locator that is a helpful tool to find where to bring batteries. A quick Google search should also get you some results for battery recyclers around town.

Santa Brings New Tech Toys

If you are lucky enough to get that new TV or computer you were hoping for, your replaced items can also be taken to an electronics recycler. There many major retailers like Best Buy, Staples, and Verizon that will take your e-waste for recycling but call ahead to make sure they’ll accept your items.

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