Businesses rely on various types of electronic devices to operate at full functionality. In a recent study by Sunnking, a certified electronics recycler, the most recycled electronic devices by businesses in 2023 were printers. Given their outstanding weight and size, this trend remains typical of what has been seen in past years. For a clearer picture, we broke down the most recycled electronics by businesses into five categories.

While United States consumers produce roughly 10% less electronic waste by weight than at their peak in 2015, only about 35% is recycled.  This issue is because electronic devices may contain hazardous compounds, such as lead and mercury, which can make their way into groundwater as they decompose within landfills. Recycling your discarded electronics with facilities like Sunnking effectively prevents hazardous waste from contaminating your water and affecting your community.

Sunnking identified the top five electronics categories businesses recycled most in 2023 to give you a clearer picture.

5) Miscellaneous Small-Scale Electronics

The phone in your pocket, the tablet on your desk, the digital camera your marketing department hasn’t used since 2014 – all of these and more encompass small-scale electronics coming into our warehouse for recycling. As the fifth most-recycled electronics by businesses in 2023, Sunnking processed 600,000 pounds of renewable materials. Who would’ve thought such small devices could make such an enormous impact?

4) Monitors

On previous lists, we grouped monitors with flat-screen TVs when configuring the weight of recycled electronics. This year, however, monitors joined a league of their own and accounted for the fourth most recycled corporate electronics at 800,000 pounds. Containing small amounts of mercury, keeping these out of the ecosystem is essential for a healthy environment.

3) Computer Peripherals

Computer peripherals – mouse, keyboard, speakers, camera, external memory drives, headphones, and cords – were third in line for most-recycled electronics by businesses. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the average employee uses four or five peripherals each workday. In 2023, Sunnking processed 860,000 pounds of computer peripherals for recycling.  

2) PCs, Laptops, Servers

Considering the sensitive data often contained in PCs, laptops, and servers, proper recycling is emphasized here since leaked data can impact you directly if left in the wrong hands. In fact, nearly 68 records are compromised each second. And 43% of data breaches involve small businesses. With so much on their hands as is, the last thing a small business owner needs to worry about is unprotected data. Last year, businesses protected sensitive information by recycling 1 million pounds of these items with Sunnking.  

1) Printers

Printers drive your business and can be a pain when you need to replace them. A BIG pain, as these hearty machines usually weigh about 100 pounds each. Coming in at the usual top spot on our list, for the third year in a row, Sunnking recycled 1.52 million pounds of printers last year. These are broken down into renewable materials such as gold, platinum and silver to reuse for manufacturing.  

Along with contributing to a healthier environment, electronic recycling is essential for protecting sensitive data. We all use one or more of these devices regularly and input identifying information about ourselves that could be used to our detriment later. For this reason alone, having a sustainability plan with certified recyclers like Sunnking is more crucial than ever. Protect your information and the world around you – recycle your business’ discarded electronics!