Stream the Shred

Watch Your Device Get Destroyed

100% effective. Physical device destruction.

Sunnking's electronics destruction services are the most secure and efficient way to shred and destroy your sensitive data and digital media.

Sunnking shredders cut through nearly 500,000 lbs. of potentially hazardous material each month.

Our state-of-the-art shredder cuts through your hard drives, computers, tablets, and other retired technology.

Shredding electronics is done in 6 not-so-simple steps

Hard drive shredding is the most effective way to destroy unwanted electronic devices and any personal digital information.

Old fashioned locked safes or trick magnets are not enough to ensure your confidential information does not become compromised.

Our industrial shredders can process up to 25,000 lbs. of electronic waste per day.

Chopping and pulverizing these complex electronics into bits of plastic and metal destroys any information or use left behind.

The broken-down materials are then separated and sent for processing and future recycling.

Since some hard drives can sometimes store hidden personal data, smashing and dicing the material into small pieces renders any leftover data unusable.

Computers, consumer electronics, and IT equipment need to be destroyed to extract recyclable materials and guarantee data security.

Consumer electronics, like computers and mobile phones, and commercial IT equipment need to be destroyed to remove recyclables or guarantee device security and comprehensive destruction.

*Sunnking cannot guarantee you will see your specific device be shredded through this live camera.
**We do offer a service where you can schedule a private viewing for corporate or personal device destruction by submitting a request here.