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At the heart of Sunnking, we are focused on reducing the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills along with promoting the responsible reuse, repair, and recycling of unwanted electronic equipment

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"... beyond the mere task of recycling, y'all make a difference in countless ways beyond anyone's expectations, and enriched more lives than you might realize."

Joe P.
Residential Customer

“Sunnking is our electronics, computer, printer, and anything-with-a-capacitor-in-it recycler! They have excellent customer service and working with Sunnking has proven to be extremely cost effective. We been a Sunnking customer for 5 years and we really enjoy working with them!"

Charles Kinsey
Director - Orleans County Computer Services

“Sunnking has been a recycling partner of the Seneca Park Zoo for the last several years. We are pleased with the high level of service and their integrity in the responsible recycling of e-waste. We consider Sunnking to truly be a leader in e-waste management.”

Tina Crandall-Gommel
Conservation Education Coordinator - Seneca Park Zoo