On average, each American household owns at least 24 electronic devices. Many of us are more than average. Recycling these devices has become the eco-friendly thing to do, and it's also the secure thing to do. With over 150 drop-off locations and 13 large-scale collection events in 2022, Sunnking collected almost 10 million lbs of residential e-waste last year. 

We see everything from vacuum cleaners, and small appliances, to power tools. The Top 5 recycled residential devices contain mostly everyday items. However, the CRT (tube) television still outweighs the competition (pun intended) and continues to reign at number one. So what are consumers recycling?


Are you an on-the-go laptop lover or a desktop powerhouse user? Either way, computers have become a vital part of our lives, whether for work, school, entertainment, or all of the above. Most of us are replacing them every four years, if not sooner. When you decide to recycle your computer, how do you ensure your information is protected from digital thieves? And let's also remember the damage these devices do to our environment when thrown in a landfill. 


If you were a business, printers are still essential, but most homes have done away with and continue to dispose of these bulky and costly devices. Like all other electronics, printers contain materials and chemicals that can be dangerous to the environment if you throw them in the trash. Just as you can recycle empty ink cartridges and the paper used, you can also safely dispose of your printer. 

Flat Panel TVs and Monitors

While flat panels outweigh their tube counterpart in popularity, they don't outweigh them when it comes to recycling (literally). These panels are becoming sleeker, faster, and smarter year after year. Constantly leaving consumers wanting bigger and better, hence the 2.5 million lbs we collected in 2022. The number of flat panel TVs sold in the US last year was 5 times the population of NYC! That's a lot of TVs; hopefully, the old ones were recycled responsibly. 

Small Electronics

Honey, I shrunk the device! These small electronics are taking over our homes and the recycling industries. They are everything from cellphones, tablets, speakers, cameras, and routers to computer peripherals, charging cords, and everything in between. From 2016 to 2022, Sunnking's volume by weight decreased 20%, but the number of items received nearly doubled. The shrinking effect is real, and if you contributed to the 3 million lbs we recycled last year, then our planet thanks you!

CRT (tube) Televisions

Considering we recycled 3.3 million lbs. last year, it's not surprising that they still prevail. These are also the most costly and hazardous out of all the devices. So why are we still seeing so many of these? As technology has evolved, so has electronics recycling, and new regulations have been put in place to ensure that the costs of recycling these beasts are not inflicted on the consumer. Now in New York State, you can recycle them for free, so unless you are a vintage gaming enthusiast, you can finally clean them out of the basement or your parent's attic. 

Consumer spending on electronics reached over $500 billion in revenue in the US in 2022, and only 17% of that was recycled. That's a lot of toxic waste contaminating our landfills. Not to mention advancing digital theft has rendered it more crucial to dispose of these devices properly (via a certified recycler). So as technology continues to evolve and consume our lives here's hoping that you persist in disposing of these electronics responsibly.