Business Electronics Recycling

Sunnking offers customized electronics recycling and asset management solutions for businesses to save money and space.

As your business progresses, your technological needs do as well. Productive workplaces often see their tech needs shifting over time, and obtaining new electronics can be a resource-intensive process. We are familiar with the myriad of obstacles businesses face, which is why we’ve created many business electronics recycling services that can help. Please see below for details about our most popular services.

Easy Pick-Ups

Obsolete electronics often see the same demise at work as they do at home—piling up to collect dust in the corner. Thanks to our pick-up services, you don’t need to endure cluttered office space. Schedule a time for our crew to arrive and load up your unneeded monitors, towers, cables, switches, and more.

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Confidential Data Destruction

Doing business in the information age means hackers can exploit technological loopholes if you have unsecured data. Cybercriminals often utilize seemingly harmless information from hard drives to reconstruct data, allowing them to access private systems. Our team uses a 360-degree approach to warehouse security in addition to our hard-drive shredding machines to ensure the utmost confidentiality in data removal. View our data destruction services page for more information.

Asset Management

If you’re looking for electronics replication, testing, and diagnostic assistance, we provide these services as well. If your company frequently deals with computer hard drive and memory functions or needs help with electronics testing and warehousing, Sunnking’s teams are well-versed in these practices. We also resell refurbished technology, including hard drives, software, and miscellaneous electronic components. Reach out to us today to see how we can help.

Sunnking offers customized business electronics recycling services and asset management solutions for businesses of all kinds throughout Western and Central New York. If your team has frequent or bulk electronic recycling needs, we’re more than happy to help. Reach out to us today!

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