‘Service the communities we call home’

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E-scrap and ITAD operations are largely falling into the category of essential services amid the coronavirus pandemic. Although that doesn’t mean smooth sailing, it allows recycling facilities to stay open alongside other critical industries.

The coronavirus crisis has caused drop-off recycling sites to close and companies to suspend device collections. Meanwhile, businesses in most sectors are putting IT refresh projects on hold. In turn, less volume is coming into processing facilities.

But the electronics recovery business is escaping widespread regulations that are closing companies in other fields.

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) compiled a comprehensive list of state orders with links to government documents. ISRI identified 17 states that specifically reference “recycling” in their regulations identifying essential businesses. Elsewhere, recycling, including e-scrap and ITAD, is generally being interpreted to be essential in broader definitions.

For New York processor Sunnking, the state’s business-closure order designating “recycling” as an essential sector was key.

“This allows Sunnking to continue its operation and service the communities we call home,” the company told customers.