Sunnking's Generosity Shines Bright: Donating Laptops, Tablets, and Phones to 'Task Force Lahaina' on FOX and Friends

The Maui wildfires were some of the biggest disasters to have been witnessed by America in recent years. While a lot was lost and destroyed because of the prolonged burning of the islands, rescue, and volunteer operations have been helping the survivors rebuild their lives bit by bit.

'Fox & Friends' host Will Cain has revealed one such operation he was a part of called Task Force Lahaina, which aimed to fulfill the needs of all affected by the disaster beyond sustenance.

Sunnking, a national electronics recycling and reuse company, has recently been spotlighted for its remarkable generosity. The company has donated over a hundred laptops, tablets, and charging cables to 'Project Lahaina,' an initiative featured on Fox News and championed by renowned journalist and commentator Will Cain.

"We've been doing all our distribution by personal contact. Anytime we find somebody needing a laptop, it's not like, 'Oh, and I need a laptop,'" said Pastor Sean Housman of Calvary Chapel Central Maui. "We hear that they've been in school and lost everything, and we offer the laptop, and they explode in tears. It's so personal, but that one throws them over the edge."

In a thread on X, the morning show host took his followers through the journey of making the operation successful.

Cain was gifted the use of private 747 planes to use for the Maui Islands distribution.

Cain had been sharing updates and individual stories on the Hawaiian disaster as someone with a familial connection to the islands.

Now, he has also shared his contribution to the success of Task Force Lahaina, which helped nearly a million dollars worth of products reach the people of Maui.

Las Vegas Sands, a gaming company, had connected with the Fox News host to support Maui Islands' restoration back to normal. For this, the company donated their private planes, "usually reserved for high stakes gamblers," to transport goods to the island.

Thousands of donated charging cables.

Cain then contacted a lifestyle expert named Carey Reilly, who helped the operation by figuring out the needs of the Maui citizens and got multiple companies, including Sunnking, to donate.

He wrote, "But now we had to figure out what to put on the plane. What were the needs? What could we get? One day after the show, I asked lifestyle expert Carey Reilly to see if she could get a company to donate air purifiers."

"Carey, a badass, took it, ran with it, and got about 16 companies to donate almost 30 tons (over 50,000 lbs) and $1M worth of needed goods!" Cain's tweet read.

The operation volunteers were sought out through Fill The Needs, a community of volunteers for disaster relief operations like the one in Maui. Cain reached the goal with his team by connecting with a pastor, who then looked over the further distribution of the goods all over the islands.

Cain emphasized how this was purely an effort made by American citizens, saying, "In summary, this was a bottom-up, American citizen, vet and volunteer, charity-driven effort that stepped up in the failure of top-down bureaucracy."

He concluded, "So much giving. Americans helping Americans. It was beautiful, I was honored to be a part of it, and it will restore your faith in America."