While it’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day, it’s also a great idea to clean your electronics! Many desks have computers anyways, so be sure not to overlook e-dusting and organization and check out our tips on the subject below…


Electronic Screens:

  • Can be cleaned with good ol’ H20.
  • Use damp paper towel for smudges from pesky fingers or a dry cloth to get that dirt off its shoulder.
  • WARNING: DO NOT use any products with ammonia in them. Even some ammonia free products say “do not use for screens”. Double check because harsh chemicals will eat up your screens!
  • Sunnking uses the glass cleaner in the image below as well as water.

Computer or Mac towers and keyboards:

  • Talk about your e-dust collector! Air compressors are great to blast away the dust bunnies and dirt from hard-to-reach areas.
  • Dust bunny build up can cause a fire or static electricity can fry the board.


  • Are there unwanted marker marks on your device? Make them magically disappear with a magic eraser!
  • Have unwanted sticky adhesive from some sort of sticker on your device? We’ve found that the orange air freshener pictured above does the trick!


Organizing cables and such:

  • Say goodbye to the days of following a cable from plug to device to figure out what it’s for and say hello to cable labels!
  • Search online and a plethora of options are at your fingertips.
  • Use labeled storage drawers for different types of cables, or even different kinds of batteries.
  • Velcro strips or twist ties are great for keeping cables wrapped up.
  • Make a charging station that hides cables and electronics.
  • Repurpose shoe boxes to store cables.
  • Tack wires under your table or use wire mold to hide them.
  • Searching online will provide options for different organizational products available to purchase or DIY projects.
  • Pinterest is your best friend for ideas!


CRT computer monitors and televisions:

  • Pick a certified e-recycler that’s saving the planet by visiting sustainableelectronics.org/recyclers.
  • Can be used for all other electronics too.
  • CRTs have leaded glass among other toxic waste. The process to extract the lead is expensive so you may have to pay a small fee to recycle these. *Note: Always choose a certified recycler. You’ll be a hero because certifications indicate the recycler has safe methods to protect their employees, the environment, and data security. Toxic waste in electronics will seep into the ground when they are put into a landfill, which can damage the environment and cause terrible health problems for residents.


  • We all got ‘em and all the toxic waste that comes with ‘em!
  • These can be brought to a battery recycler. Search online for options in your area.
  • Around the Rochester, NY, area (where Sunnking is headquartered) there is Batteries Plus in Henrietta.
  • The site batterysolutions.com/store can be used to get rid of your batteries too!

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors:

  • Can have radioactive material and batteries in them.
  • The best bet is to ship yours back to the manufacturer.
  • There may be a hazardous waste drop-off site in your area that accepts smoke detectors. You can find out by doing a quick search online.

Cleaning lists can have a lot of to-do items so don’t overlook your gadgets! Whether you need to get rid of unwanted electronics or clean current ones, these options may provide some solutions for the win! Sunnking has residential electronic collection events in the upstate N.Y.  area throughout the year. You can view the schedule by clicking below! Have more e-recycling questions? Feel free to give us a ring anytime at 585-637-8365!