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Walking around your home, it can be difficult to count how many electronics we own, and perhaps even more difficult to determine how to properly dispose of them. Televisions, computers, phones, and even vacuums are all recyclable, with each item having more life than you might think.

Christopher Green works for electronic recycling plant Sunnking, and he takes apart about 50 computers a day.

"No, you can't really break it," said Green. "Some of this stuff you want to keep in good condition, but for the most part you can't really break it."

It's a bit of a puzzle as Green unscrews pieces, takes out the disc drive, and sorts the components for recycling.

"People don't realize there's more use in these items and we don't want to pollute the earth," said Green. "We want to leave it nice for the next generation."

Green thinks about his son when he looks around the warehouse. It's an electronics graveyard.

At this newly opened facility in Utica, NY, the electronics demanufacturer recycles about half a million pounds of e-waste every month.

"It's not good, but we're taking a good step in the right direction here by recycling it," said Green.

After Green disassembles computers, each part is recycled. Glass, metals, and plastic can be reused down the road, extending the product's life and creating less waste for the future.

Many electronics can't be left on the curb with standard trash pick-up. Sunnking's next electronics recycling event is in Oswego on June 26.

A full list of acceptable materials can be found online.

You can find drop-off locations near you on Sunnking's website.