Sunnking Joins Forces with REMADE for Earth Day Pledge

BROCKPORT, NY — In celebration of Earth Day, April 22, Sunnking is proud to announce that our organization has joined forces with the REMADE Institute, signing a pledge to accelerate the nation’s transition to a Circular Economy, increase the efficiency of resource use in manufacturing, reduce emissions, conserve resources, and create and sustain clean economy jobs.

"We're excited to be a part of a large scale push for progress like this," said Adam Shine, Vice President of Sunnking. "The environment is extremely important to us and is the basis for our entire mission."

Through our partnership with REMADE, Sunnking has engaged with other partners in the Institute in developing solutions that are capable of:

  • Increasing the use of more than 40 million metric tons per year of recycled and remanufactured metals, plastics, paper, and electronic waste
  • Reducing energy consumption by 1 Quad of energy
  • Decreasing greenhouse gases by more than 50 million metric tons per year
  • Creating 700,000 new jobs and training the workforce needed for those jobs

REMADE Chief Executive Officer Nabil Nasr said the Institute, a public-private partnership established by the U.S. Department of Energy, is pleased to partner with Sunnking to meet these goals. 

“Together, Sunnking and REMADE are dedicated to accelerating the U.S.’s transition to a Circular Economy and creating a sustainable and competitive manufacturing future that makes the most efficient use of resources,” Nasr said. “By signing our Earth Day pledge, Sunnking has reconfirmed its commitment to continue increasing the use of recycled and remanufactured materials, reducing energy consumption, decreasing emissions, increasing the U.S.’s manufacturing competitiveness, securing our domestic supply chain, and creating clean economy jobs. We are proud to join forces with the entire Sunnking team.”

Sunnking remains committed to developing solutions that will enable the achievement of even more significant benefits.

To read the Earth Day pledge, see below. To read more about Sunnking's additional efforts for a sustainable future, click here.