via WHAM-TV - On Friday afternoon, Brockport-based Sunnking Recycling and RocMaidan partnered together to ship hospital beds and other medical supplies to Ukraine.

The recycled beds were looked over by a team of technicians and medical experts to make sure they were still in working order.

Over 40 pieces of medical equipment was donated to RocMaidan: including 14 hospital beds, 12 exam tables, and seven stretchers.

Adam Shine, president of Sunnking Recycling, said most of the donations were in-house already, "Generally we will bring this stuff in, test it, repurpose it and sell it, but we thought hey, if there's a need, why not ultimately try and provide beds and chairs for those directly affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine."

"The Rochester community from day one has been very supportive," said Roman Shysyha, president of the Ukrainian Culture Center. "At first we were thinking we could raise 25, 50 thousand dollars and maybe we'll be able to ship one container. By now, it's a well greased machine that collects hundreds of thousands of dollars."

RocMaidan say they are still looking for additional wheelchairs to send to Ukraine.

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