Residential Electronics Recycling

Recycle your unwanted electronic devices with Sunnking.
Your personal information gets destroyed, and the environment stays protected.

Electronic devices now impact our lives in a way previous generations only dreamed of. This has brought about many benefits as well as a few drawbacks. One such drawback is that most unwanted electronics end up in landfills without a second thought. Years ago, we noticed how many electronics everyone was throwing away, and we decided to get involved in the industry. We now provide residential electronics recycling services in greater Rochester, NY, and across the state. Read below to discover some of the most common home electronics you can recycle.

e-Recycling Collection Events

If our headquarters building is too far from your home, don’t worry. We regularly book community drop-off events for your convenience. Once you’ve collected all your unwanted electronics, simply pull your vehicle up to the drop-off location, and our staff will handle the rest. See our Events page for an upcoming drop-off event near you.  

Recycle your unwanted e-waste with our residential electronics recycling services in greater Rochester, NY. Have the peace of mind that your personal information will be securely destroyed and the environment will be protected. Any questions? Simply contact us today!

Gaming, Entertainment, and Audio Equipment

If you’re a home entertainment or video gaming enthusiast of any kind, chances are you enjoy having state-of-the-art equipment. The resale value of various entertainment systems can be unreliable at best, and holding on to old equipment means you have to store it somewhere. Instead of piling your old electronics in a corner to collect dust, bring your unwanted video game consoles, TVs, and audio systems to us. Our acceptable materials list provides additional examples of items we gladly take.  

Printers, Landline Phones, and Fax Machines

As technology and software continue to become more intuitive, the need for hardware such as fax machines and landline phones wane. It’s tempting to let these devices pile up in a once empty corner in your basement, but they contain useful materials that someone can reuse in some capacity. By bringing these machines to Sunnking, you help prevent landfill growth and allow multiple economic systems to become more efficient.