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Sunnking helps consumers sell their electronics

With so many people working from home and even doing their schooling from home, many more electronics have been bought and used. However, once life levels out a bit, those electronics may not be needed anymore.

That’s where Rochester, New York-based electronics recycler Sunnking Inc. is stepping in. Creating a buy-back website where consumers can sell their electronics to be reused and recycled. lets sellers share the details about their devices as well as pictures and ship them in for free. Once local experts review the items and their quality, sellers will be paid through Venmo, check or PayPal.

Sunnking was founded in 2000 and operates several facilities around New York, including a new facility to serve central New York and the capital region. It specializes in collecting, recycling and reselling electronics from companies, residents and municipalities.

For Sunnking, this is just a small portion of its efforts to keep business moving during the pandemic. The company had to furlough some employees and scale back operations because of decreased volume. However, Vice President Adam Shine says resale business has held strong as more people needed computers for home offices, so the buyback website was a natural fit for when those items are no longer needed.