LaBella Associates, DPC is an international Architecture, Engineering, Environmental, and Planning firm headquartered in Rochester, NY. The company employs more than 850 people and partnered with Sunnking to complement its commitment to creating positive change.

Engineering industry professionals require powerful computers and business electronics to keep up with the constantly updated and newly released software and tools their designers need.

"Technology is integral to almost everything we do," said Barbara Burke, a project designer at La Bella Associates. "[Electronics recycling] is a way for us to responsibly process our e-waste and support the community that we all live and work in."
Corporate Electronics Recycling Case Study

The dependence on devices has increased yearly between workstations, mobile devices, and the IT servers that run it all from behind the scenes.

Rochester-based firm LaBella Associates continually overturns their electronics to stay current with their clients' demands. From start to finish, their employees use tech as simple as their email and chat software and automatic staplers to specialized printers and virtual walkthroughs when their designs are ready to be displayed.

"Early in a project we might be laser scanning; obviously, we use a lot of computer software to create very advanced and detailed models and let our clients walk through projects in virtual reality," said Burke.

All of those plugged-in and battery-powered gadgets used every day have added up.

Businesses in Rochester, including LaBella, recycled more than 3 million pounds of electronics in 2021 to Sunnking. That recycled weight from one city is the equivalent of two maximum-weight cargo airplanes. Overall, though, the impact carries much more heft when combined with the rest of the recycler's intake for the year... 23 million pounds. Think about that for a minute... that recycled amount from just one year is the equivalent of nearly 74 Statues of Liberty, and each area company played a part.

"We like to be a steward to the environment and to the community so being able to recycle those [devices] responsibly is fantastic," said Lauren Rodriguez, a civil engineer at La Bella Associates.

Millions of pounds of copper, ferrous metal, plastics, gold, and countless other materials from our daily devices have been put back into the circular economy by making one beneficial decision.

A secondary result of responsibly recycling their corporate devices, LaBella Associates ensured that any sensitive data about their operation or their client's businesses was securely erased or physically destroyed.

"Electronics recycling allows us to safely and securely process our e-waste," said Burke. "Any data that's left on any of these electronics we know that we can trust Sunnking to safely take care of that."

Industry professionals (in all fields) have shown an increased recycling requirement, along with enterprise e-waste liquidation or IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) needs to match their rapid refresh cycles. Sunnking provided that tangible and quantifiable impact to their bottom line before asset values depreciated.

"We can keep up with technology; we can keep up with our clients and the industry on everything we need to do and use," said Rodriguez. "The great thing about having a recycling program, like Sunnking, is we know it's being responsibly managed."