IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

How Your Company Can Benefit From ITAD

End-to-End Business Solutions

Sunnking offers end-to-end services, including asset removal, data destruction, and remarketing or environmentally-friendly recycling. No matter your business's size or scope, we have a solution for your retired electronic equipment. As an R2v3/RIOS certified recycler, Sunnking ensures the highest standards of secure data destruction and environmental responsibility.

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Maximum Return Value Recovery

Recoup value from your retired or obsolete electronics. Our flexible solutions offer you a customized program to maximize your ROI. We have the capabilities to test and remanufacture IT equipment while destroying all confidential data in our state-of-the-art, securely monitored facility. Sunnking’s value recovery and remarketing services utilize our vast network of sales channels and expert technicians.

Equipment Purchase

Sunnking can outright purchase your retired electronics at or near fair market value. A Sunnking representative can look at your equipment and provide a quote. Once the material is received, funds are released immediately.


Sunnking will test, remanufacture, and remarket your IT assets on a vast network of resale channels. All confidential data gets destroyed to the highest security standards, including the removal of all asset tags. You receive payment once the IT assets sell. Our consignment process returns the most on investment compared to other recovery options.


We offer comprehensive services for refreshing your company’s computers, disposing of dated inventory, or just clearing storage space. If your assets cannot be refurbished, there’s still a life cycle for the materials inside. Sunnking sets itself apart by not only being able to refurbish but remarket your product’s components. The entire breakdown of your equipment happens internally at our local, secure, state-of-the-art facility. The key to our successful efforts is an efficient pre-sorting and grading process. You deal with us. There is zero third-party destruction. Meaning, anything that cannot be repurposed is salvaged safely, ensuring your electronics continue to do good after you’re done with them.

numbers of pounds of electronics recycled by Sunnking from 2015-2020

(VAR) Comprehensive, process-driven Value-Added Reseller

Sunnking has the expertise and infrastructure to source computer hardware, software, and various electronic components - granting you access to our Value-Added Reseller services.
Our teams can test and remanufacture hard drives, memory, power supplies, and other electronic components. Meet your business needs with a single comprehensive solution customized to your industry.

Supported services

  • Source sale and/or purchase of computer hardware, software and various electronic components
  • Testing, repair and remanufacturing of hard drives, memory, power supplies and other electronic parts
  • Extensive Hard Drive Remanufacturing processes including:
  • Data sanitization/reuse
  • Replication (cloning)
  • Data recovery
  • Diagnostic screening
  • Physical destruction
  • Distribution and warehousing
  • Consignment sales for overstock
  • Thorough kitting, packaging & labeling documented process which follows a comprehensive quality assurance method